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“but what is that smell? »

It's quite unpleasant to hear someone say, when they enter your home, but what is that smell....
Thanks to Captain Olfac's odor destruction services, you can eliminate odors from tobacco, paintwork, pets and other sources in your home or business.
Several elements can be the cause of persistent and unpleasant odors. Once odors are deeply embedded where normal cleaning cannot reach them, they spread through the air.
In some cases, they can even make the air unhealthy and affect your health. If you have unpleasant or harmful odors, it's time to seek the intervention of a Captain Olfac technician.
Our technicians travel all over France, our products are 100% botanical, they have no harmful physico-chemical effects on human health and the environment.
An autonomous technical case diffusing in dry steam will allow the destruction of all odors.

Our services are guaranteed, our prices are:

€170 incl. tax for an area less than or equal to 150 m²

€240 incl. VAT for an area greater than 150m² and less than 500m²

for all surfaces greater than 500m² free quote within 24 hours

Call us on 06 43 05 46 48 for any information