MISTRAL 200 M3/H AIR PURIFIER + 125ml disinfectant to be diluted, i.e. 45 days of operation

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When used with our concentrated disinfectant, the MISTRAL purifier permanently eliminates viruses, bacteria ...

Viruses such as SARS COV2 which are present in the ambient air will come into contact in our purifier with our disinfectant and will be destroyed in 5 to 10 minutes

Our air purifier is a powerful pollution control solution for healthy, virus-free air.

The device can cover an area of 250 m2 with a renewal rate of 200 cubic meters / h .


The antiseptic activity complies with standards EN 1276, EN 14476, EN 13697 (contact time: 5 minutes). Bactericidal and virucidal activity, fungicidal activity in accordance with EN 1650 (contact time: 15 minutes).

  1.    Benefits

1.Reduces and fixes atmospheric pollution (dust and pollen, VOCs, formaldehydes, hydrocarbons)

2. Kills viruses, bacteria, fungi

  1.   Promotes well-being 
  2.   Acts as a humidifier

3.Technical parameters

Volt: 220 ~ 240v 50Hz 

Power: 36 W

Noise 44.6 db

CE and TUV certificate

Volume of treated air: 200 m3 / hour

Covered area: 250 m2

Weight: 10 kg


The system works with a succession of processes that guarantee totally purified air at the outlet of the system:

‐      Pre-filter purification

‐      UV sterilization + Ionizer

‐      Final disinfection and adsorption with our depolluting and disinfecting liquid

- Operation by touch screen and remote control

‐      Pollution monitor, indication of air quality level and display under different lights.