Aerosol mask

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Adult or Child aerosol mask

  • Transparent and flexible aerosol mask
  • Adult mask specially developed by Hudson RCI for aerosol therapy
  • Adult aerosol mask adapting to the nebulizer tank tips diameter 22 mm
  • They are made of very flexible and transparent plastic allowing easy monitoring of the procedure and increased comfort for the patient.
  • Hudson RCI aerosol masks are clean and non-sterile and come individually packaged
  • The Aerosol Mask is a single patient device
  • The aerosol mask is in PVC with a metal fixing device, the 22 mm diameter adapter is in polyethylene and the elastic strap is in polychloroprene.

Using the Aerosol Mask

Connect the aerosol dispensing hose or the nebulizer directly (not supplied) to the 22 mm diameter nozzle of the aerosol mask. Place the aerosol mask on the patient's face, with the elastic strap passing under the ears. Gently pull the ends of the strap until the aerosol mask is secure. Model the metal bar of the aerosol mask so that it rests on the nose

Medical device CE N ° 0120